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  •  By Tom Whiteside

    Tom Whiteside

    The marathon is a daunting task. Even for accomplished runners, it’s a difficult undertaking. There’s a reason it serves as a metaphor for any arduous journey or difficult mission. How great it then must feel for a Marathon Kid to complete his or her first! By breaking the marathon into smaller, manageable chunks – a quarter to half-mile at a time – over the course of a semester, any able child can accomplish this daunting task.

    And this is why I love Marathon Kids: not only are they helping to change and engender long-lasting health and exercise habits (children who are healthier miss less school, are more likely to be active participants in classroom discussions, and have better grades), but also they’re instilling in impressionable children (children most frequently of limited means) a feeling of empowerment, of knowing that anything is possible if you are willing to work toward it.

    by Bianca Gamez on March 06, 2014 ( Media Center / In the News )
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